Maki is an electrifying mix of opera, classical violin and bass. Her haunting vocals billowed through the air like chiffon drapes caught in a zephyr.
— Morena Duwe, EDM Magazine

International 13-language soprano and violin virtuoso Maki Mae performed for Queen Paolo of Belgium, Clint Eastwood, Jack Lemmon, and many other dignitaries. She appeared in a Cannes Film Festival film and performed on NBC’s America’s Got Talent and other major televised events. Born mostly deaf, Maki’s charity concerts bring awareness to UNICEF, Special Olympics, and nonprofits aligned with her passion to help empower women and children.

Discovered by Berl Senofsky at Peabody Conservatory for her trifecta of violin, piano, and voice, Maki Mae has been described as “the most tremendous talent of our time”. The glamorous coloratura is respected for her incredible sustained breath and exquisite cuperto (high floating pianissimo) with exceptional control over dark shadings. Her 5-octave range reaches the highest note in the repertoire which catapulted her roles from Queen of the Night (Mozart’s Magic Flute) to prize-winning art song repertoire, notably Bellini, Schumann, and Faure.

Maki Mae’s life-long fascination of culture was inspired by her linguistics professor mother and financier father who raised the family as American expatriates in Asia. She debuted at age 14 performing for the First Lady of Taiwan and since then, has performed in Italian, German, French, Czech, Latin, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tagalog, and Hebrew.

Maki concert.jpg

Maki Mae became popular to non-classical audiences when her Skrillex dubstep violin and opera remix went viral. She was the first Asian-American artist to make number one on Los Angeles, U.S. and Global electronic music charts, and has performed in thousands of shows. Highlights include playing with Diplo at Burning Man, and performing on a spaceship for 115,000 fans at EDC Las Vegas.

Bridging across genres and generations, Maki Mae also became the first Asian-American to perform Christine (Phantom of the Opera) in England, and the first Asian-American artist to sing the national anthem at Major League Baseball Playoffs televised on FOX Sports.

At Phillips Academy, Maki was concertmaster of two orchestras and received the Andover Music Prize. After graduating from Johns Hopkins as pre-med majoring in Sociology, she studied with Metropolitan Opera director Yefim Maizel and San Francisco Opera director Sherri Greenawald while raising a family as an executive at global corporations including Disney and Deutsche Bank.

Currently, Maki Mae serves as CEO of Robert Chinn Foundation overseeing the national Asian Hall of Fame. She serves on the Congressional Artistic Discovery Committee, and is the California Senate 2019 Woman of the Year for her work as a cultural ambassador empowering community transformation.


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Purple and plum

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Steak and seafood

Mochi the rabbit

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Pearls. Silk scarves. Sparkly St. John

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