Maki has the voice of an angel.
— Taiwan Japan Magazine 台湾日本人会

Maki Hsieh Honored as 2019 Woman of the Year By Senator Susan Rubio
May Chu, Arcadia Weekly

“Maki Hsieh is the hottest trending electronic performer with her violin virtuosity and sensational soprano lyricism.”
Takashi Ishihara, Editor-In-Chief, Japan LA Times

“Maki is the most tremendous talent of our time who makes aghast and brings to tears all who experience her muse.”
Andy Henry, Walt Disney Studios


“Like a firefly in the moonlight, Hsieh always seems to dazzle the audience with her mix of classical, rock, and techno-music.”
Michael Tseng, Arcadia Weekly

“Maki excels because of her extraordinary singing voice and range. Her style combining violin and vocal is full of dynamic power and explosive qualities.”
Wu Pei-ping, The World Journal

“A performance artist of voice and violin, Maki performed diverse pieces in electric violin and songs including contemporary, crossover and gospel. Her performance style which was full of high virtuosity invited guests into her imaginary fantasy world of music.” Japanese Los Angeles Times